From void to overflowing

If nothing else, my life is most certainly not mundane. Since finishing Deakin the routine of sitting in my PJ’s studying has been shattered to pieces. Not only have I traveled 1000’s of Km’s in cars, buses, trains,trams and planes, I’ve experienced two very different climates and slept in 5 different spots.

The week began on a bit of an emotional downer as I left my Geelong home, left work, left my couch surfing friends and left Melbourne. I have however not arrived in Cairns and the adventures have already begun.

I didn’t spend long in Cairns itself on the day of arrival as a friend of mine picked me up after just a few hours to travel North up to Cape Tribulation. As he was running a few hours late the initial plans were revised and we decided to stop over at his house for the night and head to the cape in the morning. Best decision ever. Damien truly lives in my dream home. It was so quirky with upcyled art work decorating every wall. A residence that was structured of several open plan out houses encircling a jungle like garden, it even had resident hens and bats. That evening Damien kindly cooked me dinner. We watched a couple of adventure movies with a cheeky tipple. My 4:30am start caught up to me at about 10:30pm and I had to make my apologies and retire to bed. 

The next morning was another one that saw me up with the lark. 6:15am, quick bacon and egg butty brekkie and we were on the road up to Cape Tribulation. Upon setting off I set Damien a little challenge to find me Cassawaries, (a bird which was around at the time of dinosoars) turtles, and stingrays. I never got one minute thought I’d see them all. 

I probably should mention that the trip up to Cape Tribulation, was to fullfil a booking to snorkel the Barrier Reef. The trip sure as hell wasn’t cheap at $140 for the morning but boy was it worth it. From stepping into the speed boat to disembarking, it was money well spent. The boat journey was exillerating, the snorkeling spots were just astoundingly beautiful and the Ocean Safari team were brilliant. I can well and truly tick that amazing experience off my bucket list. 

On the return journey to cairns, we once again stopped off at Damien’s to pick up my belongings and shower off the salty sea water. 10 minutes after setting off in the direction of Cairns, the back tyre blew. ‘hhhhmmmm this could be a problem.’ Luckily Damien is quite like me and chilled out about this sort of stuff. After discussing a number of options be very noisily continued the journey to the closest garage 14km away. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced as many perplexed stares whilst in a car before. It made such a racket that you could probably hear us from 2km away. 

Ten minutes after pulling up at the garage we were back on the road. I arrived at my hostel just in time for dinner so after picking up a few supplies I had an extremely relaxing evening watching Narcos on Netflix and drinking hot choccie in the hostel yard area. 

What’s next I hear you ask? Well that is currently a mystery. I’ve had an offer to join a convoy of travellers heading off on a camping road trip down to Brisbane on 25th (two days time). The journey will take 3 weeks and hit all of the hotspots ie Fraser, magnetic and the Whitsunday islands but it comes at the cost of $1100. I know that doesn’t sound too bad but I think doing it as a smaller group would be much cheaper and allow much more freedom and flexibility. Do I wait it out and see if anyone else offers a ride share south bound, or do I just go with this? Decisions, decisions. No matter what I know I’ll have a blast. It present however I’m focusing on the more pressing issue of what’s on the cards for tonight. Damien suggested hiking to Pyramid Mountain and camping at the top yesterday but as I’ve not yet heard from him, I’m not sure it’s going ahead. Luckily Cairns has tons of backpackers hostels so I shan’t have trouble finding somewhere to lay my head…That said, I’d much rather be laying my head at the top of a mountain watching the sunrise from an elevated location than in a mediocre backpackers. Mweh, it’s all an adventure ey!? 


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