Time for a break…time for a Kit Kat.

It’s been an extremely long time since I last blogged so I’m not even going to attempt to document all of the events since that last post. I also intend to stop writing this post after 25 minutes, which is hopefully just enough time for a flash update.

So, since my big aussie adventure the major events were as follows:

  • Christmas in Geelong with the parents – Not without its challenges but couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas present.
  • New Year spent with the Aussie Aldersons – Rather boozy few days. I also surprised myself in discovering a  very well concealed talent. Turns out I’m actually quite good with children.
  • Stop off in Sydney – Truly discovered the delights of the city this time.
  • 10 days hitchhiking around New Zealand- Saw lots of amazing scenery, blown away by Hobbiton and made a very dear Kiwi friend who showed me unlimited kindness
  • Mini break in Bali- Partied with backpackers, zipped around on scooters, did some yoga and almost died on a motorbike Uber.
  • Couch surfed in Geelong – Made life long friends with the guys who kindly put me up for two weeks. Now have a solid group of friends in Geelong.
  • Had several job trials – Offered 3 jobs. Opted for one closest to  home. Had a little workplace bullying to begin with but all dandy now.
  • Worked for Deakin showing the new intake of international students around- Rather envious of the superior levels of support they got, as opposed to when we arrived. I did get to hold a python (no innuendo intended) as part of the activities though, so that partly pacified my anger.
  • Began back at Uni

So, in a nutshell, those are the major bits an bobs there has been an awful lot of intricate ups and downs that encircle those events but if anyone wishes to hear about those, I’m afraid you will have to coax them out of me with the incitement of a catch up beverage…speaking of which, one major update it that no a drop of wine…or beer…or any other form of alcoholic beverage has passed my lips since Labour Day. (5March) After a somewhat messy night catching up with a couple of fellow Grayson’s (bad influences that lot, I tell ya) I thought it would do me good to have a stint of absence. It’s been far froma walk in the park but actually not half as difficult as I’d built it up to be. As for my other vice- food- I’m sorry to report that is still a major issue for me. Unfortunately, as with wine, that isn’t something I’m just able to go ‘cold turkey’ with. I shall spare you all of the gory details with regards this persisting issue but I will share one small incite by saying eight hot crossed buns in one sitting. **shakes head**

With my 25 minute deadline looming, I’ll say a few words about uni as that pretty much dominates proceedings at the minute. I’m totally adoring my units this tri but once again the assessments are a real source of stress. In the past 4 weeks I’ve completed 3 essays and one test. Due to my perfectionism (Inherited from my Father along with the red hair and stroppy nature, sometimes I think it would have been preferable to have been Gerald the Milkman’s offspring) I’ve fallen a tad behind on my reading. Once I’ve finished this little chore I may just about squeeze it in before heading to the Airport. Anyway, my units are great, really interesting topics and great tutors. Some of my fellow classmates are a little on the eccentric side but at least the seminars are always interesting.

Life at home is actually really great. My housemates and I are all getting along really well and there is a lovely relaxed vibe around the place.  Work is keeping me really busy outside of uni as I’m clocking up between 18-20 hours per week. Good for the bank balance but not so much for my sleeping pattern. I’m also being pestered about completing some (unpaid) online training modules, which is starting to get my goat. I wouldn’t mind too much but they are sooooo time consuming and that is an extremely valuable yet scarce resource in Emmaland. Which leads me nicely into wrapping up my 25 minutes typing time…Ok, so it was actually  33 minutes but we all know that I always exceed my writing limits.

Ta-ra for now, hopefully the next update will contain a few fun, exciting and no doubt rather silly tales from NZ.



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